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Legacy of the Nosferon

Legendary levels campaign.

Character Creation rules for Legacy of the Nosferon.

This Campaign will be moving to Legendary levels. after the first couple of sessions. we will be using the following pdfs form Little Red Goblin Games.


all three are available from DriveThru RPG for a little over $20. you will need to have a copy before we get to Legendary levels.


As of now these are the only third party books i am including but all Piazo material is usable.
D&D 3.5 material will be allowed for character creation. but only on a case by case bases with approval.

No gestalt characters.
No epic stuff from 3.5

Starting characters will be be 18th level.

25 point buy

Your character may be from anywhere in the inner sea world guide. Your character needs to have a strong tie to a nation, religion or Organization. They need to be a champion or leader of this group.

This group can be of you design or use the pathfinder wiki to find one. http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Pathfinder_Wiki

No evil Characters

Monster PC’s I will allow humanoids up to CR 15 with approval. this means if you choses a Fire Giant CR 10 you will be a fire giant with 5 character levels.

700,000 starting gold to buy what ever magic you want plus i will give you a couple of items to fit the campaign after your character is complected.

depending on background you will have access to your organizations resources. for items like travel, lodging etc….

Character background How did you get to you position in the organization. what are you most famous or infamous deeds. you need at least one mentor or loved one to be detailed how you met what they mean to you. and at least one defeated and one current enemy. now I will fill in stats if needed i just want race, name, where you meet and how they were defeated or survived.

Now i am expecting a few people to be interested but I am only looking for 4 to 5 players. I am looking for players experienced in the pathfinder rules system. I will be choosing them based on the best backgrounds and fit for the campaign. I want you to play a character you like, but you are also part of a group so no Loners who hate being around people, no characters who can’t use any magic etc. no character concept that is automatically at odds with a group. I am fine with situational conflict but designing your character where he is at odds with normal things in a party will get you passed over.

We will have a pre-campaign meeting. on Saturday October 7th. if most of the character development is done we may start on this day.

Until then e-mail me me you ideas and I will do my best to review and approve them quickly. I work nights and sleep in the mornings so I will be somewhat out of pocket Tuesday thru Fridays but will answer as quickly when I can.

Something has changed recently earthquakes , storms, famine and pestilences are happening all around the world. the disasters seem to be affecting all nations and races. The Deities are strangely silent on this and several oracles have gone insane. now you must find out what is happening……. and stop it………If you can.

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